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Monday, May 29, 2006

Cheap Conversion?

i am planning on installing good fuel tank, fuel link, and piston heaters on the vehicle. i'd also like to add a splash tank of about a gallon that is closer to the piston which can be heated seperately and more quickly instead of heating the whole tank. by the time the splash tank completely cycles, the engine will be warm, and the fuel that enters the piston will be hotter universally than the same amperage through a larger amount of fuel.

but with the right fuel and this single conversion costing an estimated >$200, i am ready to roll on biodiesel in any environment. it'd be nice to get stronger glow plugs.

could heat alone prevent sprayer coking? if there was an element right up on the sprayer or piston, it might just melt the fatty acids off of the sprayer even under 100*C, leaving them to be combusted or go out the exhaust.



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