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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Tesla EV Roadster is a fine looking and well powered vehicle. I promote any vehicle that does not run on gasoline, even if it does not split water.

0-60 in 4 seconds, runs on ~6800 lithium ion laptop batteries. Impressive. It must have a few hundred good horses in there, electric. This is the electric car that will beat the bag out of gas cars.

A few weeks ago I designed the 2008 Grand Marquis to use certain power sources, either battery/air, biodiesel, or fuel cell. I would like to add to that and replace the power source with a water splitter. A 1994 Ford Escort can do it, so can a largecar. I estimate that this will reduce engine weight by perhaps 200-300 pounds, considering loss of catalytic converters and mufflering and consolidated air intake and radiation systems.

I would replace the transmission with a multitronic transmission, sparing time getting high and increasing efficiency and available torque. This too will reduce moving parts and weight of the vehicle by perhaps 100 pounds.

And, if we can create hydrogen heat hotter than the surface of the sun with the H20-HHO-2H2O2 method for *free*, we can afford to extrude carbon fiber without the cost of heating it. This will reduce the cost of carbon fiber to perhaps 1/5 of its current cost, $15/pound, even without new refining strategies. This will make carbon fiber within price range for the vehicle, and allow the 800 pound carbon fiber frame even on this monster. We could afford to reinforce it with carbon threaded nanotubules if necessary to give it the highest tensile strength of any known fiber. Excellent.

This will bring the car down to the $15000 price range or lower considering the costs of operation, and allow it to achieve unreasonable acceleration, pointless efficiency, and 5*+ safety rating. Let the games begin.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rotten Tomatoes. Movie site containing reviews of an educational doc on the electric car. I also want to know who killed the watercar. Preferrably before 2007.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I invite you all to make use of this website. They will machine parts for you online and deliver them to you in 6-8 weeks. If you've got a novel rig for a biodiesel or water splitting engine and want them ot make it or you, tell them and they will.

And if you haven't examined the technological marvels... of the 20th century that we could use today, visit

Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Links:

Biodiesel Station. Contains links to ebay'd diesel engined vehicles of many low price ranges near Poughkeepsie, NY. I'd drive it. Easy search!

Also, see what Canada is doing. They're switching from American 500ppm diesel to European 15ppm diesel. Take a lesson, America. This will remove 90% of lung damaging particles from the air and be the equivalent of removing 200,000 trucks from the road. This is the clean air action.

Seperately, this is an outrage. Why would California limit the sale of biodiesel? I also believe I saw Golden Gate Fuels selling B100 without any special mention of this law. I am disappointed in you, California.

Look at these quotes. Recycled grease fuel should cost about a buck. I don't know why someone would sell biodiesel costing more than regular diesel at any time.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Byron Wine and Energy Information

I must ask you a question. This man has accumulated reports from Shell, Ford, GM and assorted CEOs and company heads regarding expectations and reuslts of tests of vehicles and carburaters reaching into the 100's or several hundreds of miles per gallon of fuel, from a spectrum between 1929 to 1973 and recent.

Am I to believe that these historic and early-industry reports from corporate dignitaries are false, and that the tests are bogus, or should i presume that they are correct? I think they are correct.

Do a search for the Pogue carburater and US patent #2,026,798. The reported worst tests measure 171mpg. NASA also received a patent for an item similar to the Pogue carburater. It was filed in 1935 and given in 1936, [AD].

Furthermore, examine this video and numerous others about water as a fuel source. AEC fuel cells has developed an alloy metal method for extracting hydrogen from water using no charge. This could be easily used as a source of electrical energy or in automobiles.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

"The Ford Focus Diesel (getting 55 mpg as opposed to 26 mpg for the gas version offered in the US) is one of the biggest selling cars in Europe. In fact 75% of the cars Europeans buy are diesels because they are more efficient, get great pick up and emit less carbon dioxide and pollutants of gas cars.

Why doesn't Ford (or Audi) sell their wonderful fuel efficient diesels in the US? Because our diesel fuel is dirty and therefore diesel cars in the States create too much pollution to pass emissions tests.

In Europe diesel fuel in refined to have only 15ppm sulfur and it burns cleaner than regular gas. In the States our diesel has 500ppm sulfur! No wonder diesels in the States have never overcome the bad rap they got in the 70s.

Refining diesel fuel could aid American environments and technology. But turning to biodiesel could do the same! I recently learned that America does not allow the sale of many diesel engines because of pollution requirements, although the startling and exciting figures above destroy that concern. Using biodiesel is a much better choice than petrodiesel in the first place, and biodiesel offers the same torque and power as petroD.

Buying a European ford Focus diesel and getting 55mpg seems like a very attractive offer.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Minnesota and Biodiesel

Minnesota, Iowa, and Washington State have passed economic incentives to make B2 [2% biodiesel] standard in all diesel. This level is safe for cold-start functioning. Congradulations! New York State has also passed legislation promoting Bioheat, burning biodiesel for heat. Avilability of biodiesel fuel in Chicago, Kansas City, and at major pipeline distributors has increased. New Holland is the first enginemaker to sanction B20 biodiesel in their engines. If enginemakers can install a few simple components, diesel engines will be suited to run on B100 out of the factory, and our fuel cycle and environment clenliness will improve considerably. B2 may be designed to catch attention and familiarize people with biodiesel. Good work and job. See for more news!

Biodiesel will help us clean the air. With fewer pollutants produced, low mpg shipment movers can improve environmental performance. As a state and society, we should be careful not to produce particulate matter in excess of the ability of earth's natural low-altitude negative ionic field to take care of it. When that happens we find long term accumulation of air pollution.