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Monday, June 12, 2006

Minnesota and Biodiesel

Minnesota, Iowa, and Washington State have passed economic incentives to make B2 [2% biodiesel] standard in all diesel. This level is safe for cold-start functioning. Congradulations! New York State has also passed legislation promoting Bioheat, burning biodiesel for heat. Avilability of biodiesel fuel in Chicago, Kansas City, and at major pipeline distributors has increased. New Holland is the first enginemaker to sanction B20 biodiesel in their engines. If enginemakers can install a few simple components, diesel engines will be suited to run on B100 out of the factory, and our fuel cycle and environment clenliness will improve considerably. B2 may be designed to catch attention and familiarize people with biodiesel. Good work and job. See for more news!

Biodiesel will help us clean the air. With fewer pollutants produced, low mpg shipment movers can improve environmental performance. As a state and society, we should be careful not to produce particulate matter in excess of the ability of earth's natural low-altitude negative ionic field to take care of it. When that happens we find long term accumulation of air pollution.


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