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Thursday, June 22, 2006

"The Ford Focus Diesel (getting 55 mpg as opposed to 26 mpg for the gas version offered in the US) is one of the biggest selling cars in Europe. In fact 75% of the cars Europeans buy are diesels because they are more efficient, get great pick up and emit less carbon dioxide and pollutants of gas cars.

Why doesn't Ford (or Audi) sell their wonderful fuel efficient diesels in the US? Because our diesel fuel is dirty and therefore diesel cars in the States create too much pollution to pass emissions tests.

In Europe diesel fuel in refined to have only 15ppm sulfur and it burns cleaner than regular gas. In the States our diesel has 500ppm sulfur! No wonder diesels in the States have never overcome the bad rap they got in the 70s.

Refining diesel fuel could aid American environments and technology. But turning to biodiesel could do the same! I recently learned that America does not allow the sale of many diesel engines because of pollution requirements, although the startling and exciting figures above destroy that concern. Using biodiesel is a much better choice than petrodiesel in the first place, and biodiesel offers the same torque and power as petroD.

Buying a European ford Focus diesel and getting 55mpg seems like a very attractive offer.


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