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Friday, June 23, 2006

Byron Wine and Energy Information

I must ask you a question. This man has accumulated reports from Shell, Ford, GM and assorted CEOs and company heads regarding expectations and reuslts of tests of vehicles and carburaters reaching into the 100's or several hundreds of miles per gallon of fuel, from a spectrum between 1929 to 1973 and recent.

Am I to believe that these historic and early-industry reports from corporate dignitaries are false, and that the tests are bogus, or should i presume that they are correct? I think they are correct.

Do a search for the Pogue carburater and US patent #2,026,798. The reported worst tests measure 171mpg. NASA also received a patent for an item similar to the Pogue carburater. It was filed in 1935 and given in 1936, [AD].

Furthermore, examine this video and numerous others about water as a fuel source. AEC fuel cells has developed an alloy metal method for extracting hydrogen from water using no charge. This could be easily used as a source of electrical energy or in automobiles.


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